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Discover the simplest way to overcome stress & anxiety by simply changing the way you breathe

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Are You Sick & Tired Of Being Stressed Out?

It wasn’t that long ago that I was SO overwhelmed by the stress in my life that I could barely function.

From the outside, my life looked pretty darn great:

I had a solid job doing Energy Finance for a Fortune 500 company, I was earning an MBA from a top program, and I had (and still do have) a wonderful wife and kids.

But on the inside, I felt like a zombie just going through the motions.

I knew I needed to make a change. I needed to solve this.

I knew that I did NOT want to take pills with major side effects, and I did NOT feel like I needed psychotherapy. I was just STRESSED OUT!

After months of research, I finally discovered that BREATHING RETRAINING was the answer.

While the solution seemed too simple to me at the time, it was amazingly effective.

What I discovered was that stress had changed the way I breathe.

And within weeks of beginning to retrain my breathing, I felt like I had broken free!

I became determined to tell everyone about the power of breathing retraining.

I soon trained as a Breathing Reeducator and after working with clients for several years I created the FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS online course.

What Is Breathing Retraining?

Breathing retraining is simply the process of restoring your breathing mechanics and volume back to biological and medical norms.

This is achieved by applying a special set of doctor-developed exercises that are designed specifically for this purpose.

It's Not Your Fault!

Modern life is stressful.

And, sadly, we are not given the knowledge or tools to properly deal with it.

But once you understand the simple physiology of breathing, your breath becomes tool you can use to achieve incredible health and performance benefits.

I created the FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS online course to teach you everything you need to know to restore functional breathing.

Because…any plan to reverse stress & anxiety that does not address the underlying breathing dysfunction is doomed to fail in the long run.

Functional breathing is necessary for successful, long-term stress management.

The Effects Of Dysfunctional Breathing Aren't Limited To Stress & Anxiety

Dysfunctional breathing reduces the oxygenation of your body’s cells.

And this is a big deal because:

All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level. – Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, The Medical Textbook of Physiology

There are two well know physiological effects that reduce the oxygenation of your cells when you breathe dysfunctionally:

    1. Vasoconstriction – blood vessels constrict and reduce blood flow throughout the body.
    2. The Bohr Effect – hemoglobin binds more tightly to oxygen and releases less to your cells.

Breathing retraining can reverse both of these effects and MAXIMIZE THE OXYGENATION OF YOUR CELLS.

This is the reason that breathing retraining is so power for “chronic pain, suffering, and diseases…”

Some of the additional benefits of the FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS course include:

Stress Management

Breathing Retraining restores proper oxygenation to the brain and has a calming effect on the neurons. This helps to calm a racing mind and improve thought quality. You will also learn special techniques to manage stressful situations.

Amazing Sleep

Whether you snore, have sleep apnea, or insomnia, as you work to improve your breathing quality, your sleep quality will improve as well. You will begin sleeping more soundly (and quietly) at night and you will wake up more refreshed.

Improved Heart Health

As your baseline breathing improves, your cardiovascular system will begin to work better as well. Your blood vessels will relax and open to maximize blood flow and the hemoglobin will make more oxygen available to your cells.

Boosted Sport Performance

The better your breathing at rest, the better your breathing during physical exercise. As you retrain your breathing you will also reduce breathlessness during sport and increase endurance and focus.

Breathing Retraining Addresses The 3 Main Issues That Propagate Stress

Issue #1


Your lungs are filled with chemoreceptors.

Upper-chest breathing is part of the fight-or-flight response.

When you breathe in your upper chest, the chemoreceptors in your lungs send signals to your brain to activate the fight-or-flight response.

Over time, chronic stress can lead to habitual upper-chest breathing.

This means that your brain will receive constant signals to activate the stress response, locking you in a vicious stress spiral.

Issue #2


Hyperventilation is an integral part of the fight-or-flight response.

Chronic stress can cause breathing volume to become chronically elevated.

Over time, your brain adapts to this higher breathing volume and your baseline breathing volume remains elevated.

This decreases the carbon dioxide levels in your blood which reduces brain oxygenation due to vasoconstriction and the Bohr Effect.

Under-oxygenated brain cells misbehave and begin to rapid fire. This leads to excessive non-productive thoughts and a racing mind.

Issue #3


Modern life is full of long-term stresses.

And we are never taught how to reduce or eliminate stress in the moments when it arises.

If we allow stress to affect our breathing long-term, it can forever lock us in the stress spiral and reduce the oxygenation of our cells.

In the FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS course, you will learn how to deal with stress in the moment it arises.

You will learn to normalize your breathing pattern and turn off the fight-or-flight response.

You will also learn special exercises to normalize your breathing volume and restore the proper oxygenation of your cells.

Four Weeks To Wellness


I designed the FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS online course with the following features to make breathing retraining as simple as possible for you:

4 Simple One-Week Modules

Each week you will have a few videos to watch with accompanying breathing exercise assignments.

9 Guided Audio Exercises

I’ve made doing the breathing exercises as simple as possible! Just find a quiet place, press play, and follow along.

4 Weekly Online Q&A Sessions

During each week of the month I will hold a live Q&A session to go along with each module of the course.

Downloadable Breathing Assignment Packet

Download your weekly assignments to better track your progress.

6 Months of Email & Facebook Group Support

Get your questions answered by email or through the Elite Breathing Wellness Facebook Group.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you follow along with the course and do not notice a significant improvement in your quality of life within the first 60 days, I’ll gladly refund your money.

In Just Four Weeks You Will Learn:

  • How dysfunctional breathing starves your cells of oxygen
  • Why you must breathe nasally & diaphragmatically (and how to do it)
  • How to normalize your breathing volume and better oxygenate your cells
  • How to calm a racing mind and stop stress dead it it’s tracks
  • How to drastically improve your sleep quality
  • How to maximize the benefits of physical exercise

Limited Openings Each Month


Monthly cohorts are meant to create a supportive online community.

Limiting the size of cohorts also allows me to better support you as you go through the course.

You will have immediate access to all course materials after purchase, and can:

  • Jump right in and go through the course at your own pace, or
  • Go through the course at the same pace as your cohort.

Sign up NOW before the next cohort fills up!



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Get It Today For Only $245!

Order Now To Get Instant Access


four monthly payments of $69

PLEASE NOTE: While the FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS online course is safe and effective for the majority of people, there are a few limiting factors. Please click below to verify that you are eligible for the course and to get a personalized course recommendation.

What's The Value Of Feeling Great?

It can be difficult to put a price on quality of life, but below are some of the incredible benefits that you can expect.

  • Improved energy & overall health
  • Quiet, refreshing sleep
  • Manage stressful situations
  • Improved social interactions with family & friends
  • Increased productivity & performance at work
  • Calm nerves before presentations & competitions


When you buy the course today, only two things can happen: you either experience a significant improvement to your quality of life in less than 60 days, or you get your money back. There’s no risk!


If you don’t take action, then life will just continue on the same path. If you are happy with that, then all the best to you!

John Poulton

I have been there. I have felt hopelessly trapped by stress & anxiety.

Breathing retraining is what set me free! It is absolutely the best thing I have ever done for my mental, physical, and emotional health.

I hope you take this opportunity to experience the same benefits that I saw in my life.

Let’s do this together…

As I personally provide support for each student taking the course, I will be there to answer any questions you have as you go through the course.

Start your breathing retraining journey today!

John Poulton, Founder of Elite Breathing

Four Weeks To Wellness Course Content

WEEK 1 - Breathing Pattern Training

  • The benefits of breathing in & out through the nose
  • How to make the switch to 100% nasal breathing
  • The benefits of fully engaging the diaphragm with each breath
  • How to make the switch to 100% diaphragmatic breathing
  • Ensure proper posture & oral resting posture

WEEK 2 - Breathing Volume Training

  • The effects of stress on breathing volume
  • The benefits of normalizing minute ventilation
  • How to do Mini Breath Holds
  • How to do Reduced Breathing (the most important breathing retraining exercise)

WEEK 3 - Breath Hold Training

  • How to track your progress
  • The roles of carbon dioxide in the body
  • How to do Mini Breath Holds While Walking
  • How to do Breath Holds While Walking
  • How to do Reduced Breathing While Walking

WEEK 4 - Lifestyle Optimization

  • Three stress management tools
  • Understanding our thoughts
  • How to improve sleep
  • How to eat to improve breathing
  • How to get more out of physical exercise

The FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the course, the results, or anything else in the first 60 days, I will gladly refund your money.



offer ends in

(or when cohort fills up)


Get It Today For Only $245!

Order Now To Get Instant Access


four monthly payments of $69

PLEASE NOTE: While the FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS online course is safe and effective for the majority of people, there are a few limiting factors. Please click below to verify that you are eligible for the course and to get a personalized course recommendation.

FOUR WEEKS TO WELLNESS online course eligibility requirements:

  • Must be from 18 to 65 years of age
  • Must not be in poor health
  • Must not have any of the following conditions: pregnant, recent heart surgery, blood clots, cancer treatment, brain trauma, schizophrenia, or transplanted organs.
  • If any of the following conditions apply, you must have permission from the course instructor to take the course: heart problems, heart disease, chest pains, uncontrolled hypothyroidism, kidney disease, brain tumor, diabetes (type I or II), sickle cell anemia, uncontrolled blood pressure, severe asthma, severe anxiety, COPD or emphysema, or multiple sclerosis.
  • If any of the following conditions apply, you must follow the Gentle Version of the course: high blood pressure, low blood pressure, depression, migraines, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, or panic attacks.
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